About Us

We, thanks to Telegram, having developed a custom-built
robust MTproto server, are ready to provide you with custom independent super-apps and
social networks using our massively scalable and infinitely extensible platform.

Flexible Communication

Supports voice call, chat, group, and channel.

Cross Platform

Supports different platforms: IOS, Android, Web, etc.

Massively Scalable

Supports 3,000,000 concurrent users per node.

Versatile Customizable

Supports different applications: messaging, gaming, publishing, IoT, etc.

Infinitely Extensible

The code is very modular and can be extended infinitely..

Highly Secured

Uses SHA-256 based on EAS for secure communication support.

Plenary Transportation

Compatible with HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, and UDP.

Mobile Friendly

Optimized for bandwidth and power saving.

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